Let’s face it. Before you arrive in this page you’ve already end up with so many fat loss programs on the internet. Perhaps, you are one of the individuals complaining of the frustration after working out with different programs yet have seen zero results. You know why this happens so often? On the first place, not all of us are gifted with good body figure. Definitely, we’re all different. Try to compare a body builder and an obese guy. Of course, there’s a huge difference. Now, how can a fat loss program work if you copied it from a body builder who has a different body type than yours?

Intense workouts alone could not bring results when losing weight. The truth is that, every individual is unique by virtue of genetic code. This only means that we have different rates of metabolism. Therefore, no matter how many hours you spend in the gym, there is still big chance to gain back the fat you’ve lost. This is the very reason why healthy and safe courses like Customized Fat Loss are recommended.


What is Customized Fat Loss and How does it Work?

Kyle Leon is the man behind this software program. Basically, Customized Fat Loss is meant to help individuals of different body types. According to the author, fat loss isn’t just about diet and work out. It’s all about considering important factors such as the metabolism, the height, the age and the current weight. CFL works by allocating all the nutrients inside your body. Kyle believes that by doing so, the amount of fat will be immediately lessened and the calories and macro nutrients will be distributed equally. CFL provides charts and graphs that are easy to understand. With these, you can easily track changes in your body whether you gain or you lose weight from time to time.

Is this some kind of a diet plan?

Well, this is more than a diet plan since CFL lets you choose from the food options and at the same time will meet your nutritional requirements.  On the other hand, you can prefer to substitute your meal plan from 1400 different food options. Depending on your body type, you can little by little cut down the fats in your body through ingesting required nutrients.

The Positive Side:

First of all, CFL allows you to identify your body type. It would be determined using their step by step nutrition programs. More of the body type, Kyle Leon also teaches two things at once, and these are to develop muscles and shred fats at the same time. At the very start of the video, folks are being oriented about the common mistakes when trying to lose weight as well as the hidden side effects of fad diets and fat loss pills.

One of the best parts of the system is the customized exercises that do not require you to visit the gym. These exercises are not so intense, but could still bring results when trying to lose weight. There is also a free cardio solution that helps in tightening the skin but eliminates the fats at the same time. Plus, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. That means you can get a full refund in case you don’t like the program or nothing happens after few weeks of practicing the system.


The Negative Side:

Although the diet plan is efficient, the system is associated to a dietary supplement, which sounds odd. Another thing is that there are some exercises that only individuals on the advanced levels can perform well. So far, after a few months since the program has been introduced to the public, these two things are the main concerns of people. Hopefully, the author will do a move to fix these issues.

As for the final word, losing weight is no joke since you have to go through trial and errors before you achieve your goal. On the other hand, discipline and dedication play a huge role and will match with the chosen fat loss program. Remember, this system is not for individuals looking for overnight results. In fact, there’s no shortcut when trying to lose fat.

Actually, there is but it’s too dangerous and life-threatening. Yes, the use of anabolic steroid is now prohibited in many places because of the harm they can bring to people. Often, body builders are the ones using anabolic steroids. As such, their bodies appear unnatural. For safety purposes, let’s just practice the natural way.

In spite of everything, Customized Fat Loss is a more individualized approach of eliminating fat. It not just focuses on diet plans and exercises, but is a system associated with science. As of this review, hope you figured out the advantages and disadvantages of this system.

After all, you’re not actually being told to get this system, but Customized Fat Loss is worth trying. Remove the BUTs. Just give it a try!

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