Bobblehead made of materials

Some arts and crafts not only has decorative function, but also has a certain practicality. Flower vase, placed alone, it is an ornament, but at the same time can be used as a vase to insert flowers.
In our daily life, many useless bottles and cans, empty cartons, old porcelain and other waste, if the benefit with our dexterous hands, through ingenious, and then transported by Bobblehead re packaging, can let these “waste” change decayed for magical, coruscate new luster, create a very delicate and beautiful home practical accessories.
Use of waste materials, the focus is to be good at using the shape and characteristics of the waste itself. In the existing shapes and colors on the basis of the can using Bobblehead decoration and shape design, or waste surface patterns, color, texture, shape, etc. the major changes have occurred, or the waste is converted to another use of the vessel. In a word, after re design and packaging of objects, not only the appearance of a new look. At the same time, also has a certain practicality.

Custom Toy Dolls Toy In Japan

Custom Toy Dolls

With the development of toy machines, toy content has slowly become enriched. Bandai launched the first animated image-based toy, which makes the toy of the consumer age increased from children or young teenagers. Subsequently, the toy production process is also well up slowly. Then, “fresh finish” originator – Kaiyodo formula can also press the lost and lonely, we launched the exquisite “animal” series, the “military family”, “Geographic series” and “Siwan toy.” In this company’s efforts, the Japanese toy gradually form a “toy culture.” As a toy machine reform ancestor “YUJIN” to be outdone, not only to launch cartoon characters toy, also launched the “Animal” series, “Nature Series” and so on.
Today toy machine has become a brand, Japan’s two largest toy manufacturing company official “YUJIN” and “generations”, while the two companies to toy machine also registered a different name decibels.
“YUJIN” The toy machine is called “GACHA”, “Bandai” The toy machine is called “GASHAPON”
Because well-made and material updates, toy prices are no longer the past 20 yen – of course that does not mean is $ 20. Now most of the toy’s prices are between 100 yen to 680 yen, since its inception, has always been the most expensive toy to play mode. Since the release of the toy itself is limited, egg collecting toy paper fans more and more.
I sincerely hope that the domestic toy like friends than collecting the bulk of the finished toy must personally experience a return to the fun twist toy machine.

Custom Toy Dolls The development toy

Custom Toy Dolls

The development toy
The earliest toy machine is generally placed in the door canteen and grocery stalls, toy sales target also scheduled for children under five. Children along with the adults to buy things, see a small toy capsule machines inside the transparent cover will naturally linger, after dyeing will beg for adults to buy it. This inexpensive toy home, was 20 yen twist again. The change to an adult child, the child will personally cast into coins have fun! Then a miracle happened …… out of a Transformers! Haha, that is impossible.
Although the twist out of what consumers can not be expected, but each toy has egg paper, which is manual. Egg paper explicitly write this toy total number of species because these are custom toy dolls. With no doubt, is to attract consumers to buy and suggests that you: This is a total of seven “Gourd Brothers”, you twist it a “three baby” There are six you do not, and a hidden version of the “grandfather” …… do you want to put together course this is only an analogy – although I think “Calabash Brothers” can indeed be a set of toy.
With the extensive use of plastics, in 1995 he launched the company officially YUJIN plastic called “SKIM BOY” on the single. Upper and lower body are replaced by plastic material, thus preventing the machine should be rust problems caused by dysfunctional, but also played a beautifying effect, so that the color becomes more colorful toy machine: the first is red and white
(It seems that after the red and white are very popular, like “Nintendo” FC game produced the same), and then after the red, green and yellow-green become dominant, occasionally there are blue and white toy maker.

Custom Toy Dolls collation explanation

Custom Toy Dolls

Mini definition and gameplay
I remember when my father bought me a toy: inside a rectangular box filled with eight plastic oval egg capsules, each egg can turn on, inside each different plug-ins and with the relevant instructions. After assembly (some can be individually assembled, and some can be assembled together with the eggshell) so called mini can spell a variety of toys, such as “duck”, “ostrich”, “monkey climbing pole” …… then I just I know fun, and I do not know what is called Xiao. In retrospect, it is actually the first to introduce the toy toys.
The true joy is inseparable toy machine toy. But because they do not regulate the domestic market, the bulk of complete sets of toy stores in the individual model unit can buy anywhere. However, in the model of in regular mall stores (such as Beijing SoShow Bandai mall stores) still retains the toy machine sold eggs manner.
Why toy must capsule machines together? Direct sale of bulk toy is not more convenient? Low levels of domestic consumption pair players who perhaps is a shortcut, but the bulk toy in cost savings but also lost the fun toy is called the Mini’s why in addition to turn on one by one, to see the inside in the end What is beyond, it is to see what your luck or bad eleven from toy machine in which an egg Niuchu come. This sense of uncertainty as random stimulation and attractive on oak lottery.
Toy’s origin
The earliest toy machine concept from the 1920 American street bubblegum vending machines. The toy is accompanied by the development toy machine while gradually improving.
Remember the classic movie “Tom and Jerry” in an episode of it? Jerry saved the big dog. Big dog in order to repay it. He said: “You just whistle I can to help you.” So Tom Jerry whistle in order to prevent it from a vending machine to buy a piece of bubble gum, bubble gum and coated with poison ask Jerry to eat. Please note that the station cartoon bubble gum vending machine! It is the prototype of one steel toy machine body to create a round top with a transparent cover, like a medieval robot who head the top of a glass – like. Transparent cover filled spherical bubbles of various colors recommended shelf, you just put in a certain number of coins in the coin slot, sugar shipments will slide out from inside the mouth. Bubblegum different colors inspired people to develop for toy, so now the toy machine in a twist is multicolored, eggshell. In 1977, Bandai toy company launched a capsule machines, bubble gum machine body inherited the steel timber system. But transparent cover is filled with colored plastic toy toy.Custom Toy Dolls collation explanation

“Play mode” concept and classification

Custom Toy Dolls

“Play mode,” What is it? In simple terms, “play mode” is the abbreviation of the toy model. Model and toys are the two concepts overlap somewhat connotation, but not exactly the same.
Models often refers to military model, scale models, model aircraft and factories of foundry models, etc., you can take a long time it was pieced together to achieve their desired viewing. Fun model is produced, rather than playing after fabrication.
As for custom toy dolls, how to play is its main function, this model is just the opposite. Birth toys from the people living in the exploration and accumulation. According to historical records, the Chinese since the Han Dynasty began to have toys. Ancient people through eating set the table on such a simple thing Sui developed a “jigsaw puzzle” of this spread for thousands of classic puzzle toy. Thus, the toy is the working people of wisdom and condensate together, flashed a light in the lives of people suddenly burst out of inspiration.
Unfortunately today many people think is nothing more than a child brought toy fiddle, playing the small stuff, it is quite disdain. As the toy as an art to look at, but never do. However, in some countries, many have become classics of old toys early collections and works of art; new toy is bigger and more sophisticated, and even some toys are gradually closer to the sophistication of the model.
Remember the early 1990s has swept the country, “the Audi four-wheel double drilling you” do? At that time, in addition to the children most enthusiastic thing it is to buy a car than those strange accessories. Cars need to assemble themselves, and accessories you can change according to personal preference. Each vehicle was equipped with a power toy motor, put a good assembled after the 5th cell vehicles will be able to run, presumably most of the young people have played. I clearly remember my first four-wheel drive vehicle is a mini mom sent me a birthday gift.
So it is hard to distinguish something like a mini four-wheel toy or model, both give players make fun of conversion, but also has the function of playing. And something like that appeared long ago in Japan, such as Bandai company produced Gundam. I will not speak it as a landmark classic toy and animation, only the toy itself playability perspective, any money up or “bar representing” models can follow the “model bigots’ personal preferences to be modified, re-painted, Polished (This process often takes two months); at the same time you can also use as an ordinary player just hours to be able to quickly assemble and make the Sui and enjoy the fun with a toy swing pose. Although these two very different gameplay evolved into two different genres, but we have to admit that model and toy boundaries have become increasingly blurred.

Custom Toy Dolls Plane doll classification is what?

Custom Toy Dolls

Custom toy dolls Plane doll classification is what?
Flat doll generally include: physical and non-physical type of paper, plastics, metal quality, suitable for flat and show a plane passing doll.
Plane doll doll with software and hardware biggest difference is that there is no 3D stereoscopic entity doll shape is more flat performance patterns and flaky, known plane doll.
1. The paper, gum categories:
Belongs paste type dry adhesive tape on the back, is the variety of pictures, photos printed on adhesive paper backing is popular adolescents and young love in a fashion product range is very wide, can be pasted in different places, it can also be printed with colorful cartoon characters and other designs. Paste arbitrary, most it is disposable. More varieties.
2. metal categories:
The variety of pictures, photos printed on metal containers, such as metal badge. Adored by teenagers and young people, using a wide range, it can freely hanging in different places, such as bags, clothes.

There are other types of doll it?
” There are other types of doll you?” on related issues, in a hundred small business network to help your assistant to do a detailed answer:
Other types of dolls generally include: three-dimensional human face etc.
Three-dimensional human face class:
Its face is three-dimensional doll human face. First appeared in Japan in September 2007.

What kind of software typically includes doll?

Software custom toy dolls generally include: plush, playing cloth (Lycra) class, feather category, polar fleece, cotton type, leather (leather) etc. cloth stuffed doll.

Custom doll The
1. plush categories:
A plush toy, plush fabrics which is mainly composed of textile fabrics and filling materials as the main cotton or synthetic sponge-like filling a doll, but also older and more common doll. Because by the material easy hair loss, bad cleaning, limiting deformation characteristics, resulting in fewer high-end brand in the Chinese market.

Custom doll The.c1
2. elastic cloth:
Is a look at a high elastic cloth (such as elastic nylon cloth, polyester fabrics, cotton lycra and so-called Laika Bu) and inside with food-grade snow grains (snowbeads) filled stitched together filled doll. Its lovely shape, bright colors, materials can be out clean and hairless, soft and comfortable, embracing feeling especially good. The earliest products from Japan and South Korea, playing cloth doll by the customer favorite, gives the impression that you want to take good care of pet comfortable as Sheepet (Shu pet) doll brand advocated by the “texture comfortable, pet enjoy music.”

Custom doll The
3. Down categories:
Its appearance is the use of fabric and down cotton jacket, duck down as filler cloth filled with dolls, unique. It has molluscs and stuffed with different categories, which features one: good thermal performance, air-conditioned room or in winter, holding down the doll is like holding a warm bag, whether it is cushioned, relying, gradually people feel warm, children, the elderly apply. Features two: silky fabrics and super soft jacket cotton and duck feather duvets makes dolls hold down jacket features let go after extrusion, feather doll will slowly swell restored to its original shape, without excessive finishing, adding the use of interesting. Features three: Down doll whose shape is generally sided body, doll face side, the other side to duck down filling slots, it is more suitable as a cushion.

Custom doll The
4. fleece categories:
Fabrics fleece material, feel the gentle smooth, the internal filling of down cotton, PP cotton or microfiber cotton, styles can be colored with Scottish tartan or net. It is a very good sleep partner, super comfortable embrace a sense, also known as sleep hugged the body.

Custom doll The
5. Cotton categories:
Fabric is 100% cotton fabrics, cotton filling inside, PP cotton or microfiber cotton. Styles, such as the pastoral style, exotic style, ethnic style, full of personality, fashion colorful. Plasticity, and can be extended for home furnishings, car decorations, doll ornaments, stationery, export casual bags, cloth slippers and other products.

Custom doll The
6. leather categories:
PU leather is leather or fabric material, internal filling PP cotton or cotton or microfiber cotton and so on. Classical style, and feel more upscale. But the material cortex, difficult process complicated, so less market, some high-end leather doll usually international brands gifts.

Creative unique Haibao doll

Fashion and current events to be perfect “Mutual Infiltration.” After the introduction of the sea and sky blue, Lecheng green, purple elegant three series of Rui Expo licensed casual clothing, seized the opportunity of the Expo mascot Haibao image influx of cool fashion doll series. Designers with a unique design concept, giving new life and Haibao meaning.Cool sea tide treasure a launch set off an upsurge in the network, the cultural background Haibao itself has been retained, and designers fresh creative implanted let Haibao just Expo souvenirs, but also promote the Expo cultural and spiritual outlet. Gloomy dolls and other like Haibao both a doll, but also a work of art has the vitality and value added. Haibao doll unique innovation by designers handle their own value unlimited expansion, and original art through the circulation, get consumers like, passed Expo culture, Chinese culture, but also deliver happiness. This benign, meaningful concept.

Custom doll The

The launch of the Fairwhale tide cool sea treasure continuation of the classic, with the Chinese character “person” as the core ideas in the Treasure of body language, the designers made a partial modification. Careful comparison can be found, the new Treasure leg shortened 1 / 4CM, trimming makes Haibao more rounded, big head and eyes display the wizard’s feeling, more dolls tide cool features.

Meanwhile, the shape of the new Treasure hand also used the clamp-like attitude, Creative design allows consumers to play to their imagination to make their favorite Treasure handheld objects flowers, pens, weapons, Haibao also carries individual consumers characteristics, so that the sea treasure more to life, more freshness. Remove the hand design breakthroughs, the designers more design arm shoulder position can be 360 ​​degrees in any shape, the wrist unit can be freely rotated, this design greatly increased consumer Treasure limb DIY interactive fun, the real value of existence doll. The selected materials, vinyl material Fairwhale use also has dirt and environmental protection.

Look Haibao entire body shape, very clever designer to increase S-shaped curve, so Haibao lordosis after Alice, at once alive, such like nonsense, but very kind clever little elf, and this blue elf is now listed on a grand, they came to our lives.


What hardware doll category?

Hardware custom toy dolls which is divided into several it?
Hardware custom toy dolls generally divided into: ceramic, plastic, vinyl and other hard non-filled class category doll.
The biggest difference between hardware and software doll doll, there is no filler material and the outer contact is hard, it is known as a hard body doll, press materials are generally divided into the following.
1. Ceramic categories:
By selecting pug, non-filled dolls on a hard body and glaze made of ceramic firing methods class. The method of glazing technology unique, colorful glaze deep, vivid vivid. Shaping the character, demeanor vivid, as Shiwan doll.

Custom doll The
2. plastic:
The main ingredient is resin. Is a polymer of a synthetic resin (polymer) as a main component infiltrated various auxiliary materials or additives, having plasticity and fluidity at a given temperature, pressure, can be molded into a certain shape, and under certain conditions, to maintain its shape hardware unfilled doll.

Custom doll The
3. Tangjiao categories:
Mainly refers to the hardware made of PVC material non-filled doll. Its design exaggeration, abstraction, informal, stress personality.

Custom doll The
4. resins:
Mainly refers to the resin material made of hardware unfilled dolls designed exaggeration, abstraction, informal, emphasizes individuality, the majority of craft displays, is very popular in Europe and America. Chinese production of such plants in general are exporters.

Custom doll The

Custom toy dolls creative exhibition

This custom toy dolls exhibition exhibits related to the field only more abundant, but also attracted a lot of different people who come to the exhibition areas. The creation Toys Exhibition prefer Asian wind, tofu predominantly become the main sections of the exhibition.
For the love of friends collections of toys, creative toys in the international exhibition, the absolute count is a long-awaited feast. Not only can see the many famous hot toy trends, but also close contact with those toys.

Custom toy dolls

NBA star and a variety of production of fine shoes.custom toy dolls creative exhibition start, it attracted a lot of toys to exhibit fans waiting in line early on into showrooms Custom toy dolls creative exhibition.

Custom toy dolls

Custom toy dolls


The creative custom toy dolls exhibition, not only let fans watch the toys now the most recent wave of creative toy design, inviting doll designers from around the world come to the exchange, but also to recognize the different national creative doll brand, an insight into the international the design level.